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Discount Lipitor

Local Drug Search launched, but for the first-time Americans could hunt for the best prices on prescribed drugs in excess of 20,000 pharmacies across the US. With just a couple of clicks, the easy-to-use website compares prices for your prescriptions users input in their local pharmacies. Starting today, Local Drug Search is which makes it easier still for consumers to cut costs by integrating hundreds of manufacturers' medication coupons and savings plans to the search engine results.

"Local Drug Search is devoted to helping the consumer easily find the best deals for prescriptions," comments Mike Todasco, founding father of Local Drug Search. "We started by establishing the very first website available to aggregate medication prices from the major US pharmacies. Looking for the website could save the average family hundreds of dollars a year in some moments time. Furthermore, many Americans don't understand that a lot of drug manufacturers offer coupons to assist offset the price of a prescription.

Whether you haven't any insurance, or are lucky enough to get possess a health plan without co-pay for prescriptions, now everyone is able to save a lot more money by searching for medication coupons on Local Drug Search. Many of today's most widely used brand medications offer significant savings that are now displayed on If you're looking for Cialis, you will find that Eli Lilly, the maker of Cialis, supplies a free Thirty day trial or three free 36 hour tablets. If you're taking Lipitor, searching the site will demonstrate an offer from Pfizer to get a $4 co-pay, as much as $600 per year. Users of Nexium are forwarded to the AstraZeneca site that offers a Purple Plus Savings Card to save approximately $50 per refill and a personal calculator to estimate the expense of the prescription under their health plan.

"Local Drug Search is focused on making it easier to create informed decisions and reduce your prescriptions," says Todasco. "Instead of searching multiple websites and calling your local pharmacies to obtain a quoted price for the medications, Local Drug Search does the do the job by finding the best prices in your town," he adds. Enter your zip code and medicine, and with a simple click you will notice a guide of one's local pharmacies and a list price list for your selected prescription. The website also tells you if the FDA approved generic medications are available for brand drugs which can potentially save much more money.

Discount Lipitor

A lot more than one-half of american citizens take prescription drugs. IMS Health reports that Americans spent more than $300 billion on prescription drugs this year. The American healthcare debate and uncertain economic times have brought increased concentrate on what folks can perform to regulate their healthcare costs. While many Americans are handled by private health insurance plans, Medicare, or Medicaid, not every prescriptions are addressed by all plans. And prescription costs vary widely by location and pharmacy. Local Drug Search functions as a tool to empower people to cut costs by getting these phones easily compare prices on the local pharmacies they trust.

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